Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yesterday, we had a company outing/activity at Ipo Dam, Norzagaray, Bulacan. I almost missed the second bus because I forgot to set my alarm by 4am. Thank God I was able to wake up by 5:15am and hurried my way to the office. Our call time is 6am and lucky I am, I made it!YEAH!!!

We arrived at the place at around pass 8am. We settled ourselves with our groups and headed up to the place where we going to have the tree planting. My team is Acacia and we were the first group to climed. This is my first time to experience hiking and that is the one reason why I am so excited and happy for this activity. I am only wearing a sneakers but it was just fine because the soil was not that slippery. Going up on the mountain was really a great experience for me. I would definitely do it again and again and again...We climbed 500 meters (was that high enough for a first timer?) and when my team reached the point where we going to plant our trees, we are all exhausted and tired...but happy that we managed to go up safe and sound.

I didn't waste much time to take a rest so I went on planting my trees. The soil is already dug before so we will just put the plant on it and cover it with soil. It was a sunny day so I really sweat a lot. My Gatorade bottle is already empty but I'm still thirsty. My team help each other to plant the trees so we finished early over the time expected. I made to plant 6 or 7 crops.

It was already 10am and the sun is really hurting us so I looked for a place to take a rest somewhere that has shade. Finally, we were invited to the Baraks, a nipa hut on top of the mountain and there we wait for the other groups and rested.

After few minutes, we are now ready to go down the mountain by taking the other way. I guess my feet were really tired that's why I find it harder to go down rather than going up. This time I am very careful because the way is a little bit slippery and stiff plus my sneakers was not really helping at all...huh!

When we reached the ground we took pictures and wait for the signal of our team leader that we can now go back to bus and be ready for lunch & swimming in Grotto Vista Resort in Bulacan.

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