Friday, November 2, 2007

Visiting Tarlac...

I woke up around 4:30am to prepare coz we plan to leave by 6am. My son is still asleep so I do things as fast as I can. I already fixed my things last night so what I need to do is just a little more preparations. My lola cooked "binagoonggang baboy" for our pack lunch and hotdogs for breakfast. We have lots of "baon" as if we are heading for a picnic. Around 5:30am my Tita Ann arrived and my cousins too. We put all the things inside the MB100 van which we borrowed from a friend. Then woke up Dwyane to get dress and off we go.

We stopped at Dangwa (the flower market in Dapitan) to buy some fresh flowers. We got 2 flower basket for only P450 (cheap isn't?). We are expecting already a traffic but thank God there was not. We just experienced a little when we are already near the Eternal Gardens cemetery in Tarlac. There was not much people there not like before. The weather is fine when we got there. We set up for our early lunch and prayed the rosary.

As usual, my son just played around. My other relatives from my grandmother side also arrived there. They talked and talked... Then, we also took the chance to visit some more relatives and by late noon we decided to come back to Manila.

I know my lolo is very happy seeing us all together again. We miss him so much!!!

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