Saturday, November 3, 2007

Star City Adventure

My in-laws already planned to go to Star City on Nov. 1, which they usually do. But since my family also had a planned for the same day which going to Tarlac, we just decided to follow after we arrived.

We arrived Manila by 5:30pm. I'm not that tired so it's okay for me to go to Star City, besides I know Dwyane will really enjoy a lot. Even though my husband has no sleep yet, he still woke up and joined us.

When we got to Star City, the first ride that we took was the Grand Carousel. Dwyane likes to ride on horses. He enjoyed a lot while me taking pictures.

These days his favorite toy character is Thomas the Train from Thomas & his Friends. So when he saw this train he thought it was Thomas. He doesn't want to leave anymore.

This picture was taken inside the Peter Pan World.

Got a chance to had picture with Captain Hook.

Before saying goodbye we took our family picture,
Dwight wasn't here because he's the one took this picture...hehehe

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