Monday, November 12, 2007

Ghost Whisperer Fanatic

My husband borrowed Ghost Whisperer dvd from my in-laws last week. They said it was a good one. But I'm not familiar with it, so I'm not excited to watch it not until last Saturday night when my son slept early, so I had a lot of time doing what I want to do. At first, I'm kinda hesitant to watch it because I know it is a ghost stories and I'm not that too brave to watch ghost stories, but I said to myself I'll just try it.

I play the cd and watched. I thought it was a movie but it's is a I know...I remember seeing that on Studio 23 channel but I didn't know that it was a good one. I continue watching and I like every ghost story told.

Ghost Whisperer follows the life of Melinda Gordon, a newlywed who owns an antique shop. She also happens to have a very unique gift - she is able to see and speak to the dead. She helps earthbound spirits with any unfinished business they may have that is keeping them from crossing over into the light.

Melinda, got her "gift" from her grandmother who has also the ability to see and talk to ghosts. She helps every single soul as much as she could to see the "light" and "crossover". She sees ghost like a normal person, like walking, doing their everyday routine, sometimes she get confused if the person she was talking to was dead or not. She is very tough woman dealing with this kind of situations. She is a very lucky girl too for having Jim, his husband, who supports and understand her "gift" and love her trully.

One story there made me really is about a 6 years old boy who died in train accident. His soul is still hangs on the train rails waiting for his mom to come and take him home. The kid doesn't know that he is already dead. And he don't remember the accident. Melinda told the boy what had happened and the boy said he wants to see her mom. His parents can't take what had happened to him. They blamed themselves. Melinda help them talked to their son and realize that it's time to let go, for them to find the peace they wanted long ago. The boy already accepted the fact that he is already dead and he crossover.

That story really crashed me into pieces...

I'll post a story review on every episode that I watched...

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Windyridge said...

Sounds very depressing!