Friday, October 5, 2007

Thank God it's Friday!!!

Long days of work are almost over. I'm doing this blog thinking what lies ahead of me on the weekend. Well, my typical weekend actually is just hanging around at home, playing with my son, cooking, doing the laundry and does a lot of stuffs. And of course the "ENDLESS CLEANING" of "EVERYTHING". We also go out and have some fun. My son's favorite place to go to is the "PlayHouse". He is usually playing there with his nanny Aimee or sometimes me or his dad. He only plays 30 minutes the usual. Then we go window shopping around while his Dadi Dwight looking for place to eat. Then after that we proceed to my in-laws and stay there until dinner. This is only for one day, but usually during Sundays we just stay at home watching sunday tv shows or lucky enough if we have a new dvd cd to watch.

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