Monday, May 5, 2008

Dwyane at his Preschool

My son is undergoing the 1 month summer class for preparation for preschoolers. I thought this is the best way for us to determine if he is already ready and capable in going to school or not. Dwyane is 3 years old right now and just right for the age of nursery. As his mother, I already made myself ready of any tantrums he may throw and the unwillingness to go to school. As usual, on his first day of summer class he cried out loud. He doesn't want to enter the classroom even though I will be there too. His teachers were Montessori experienced teachers and also psychologists. They told me that this is a normal situation during first day or even first month of the school year. They will not force my son if he doesn't want to but they will motivate him until they get his trust. I saw how the teachers motivated Dwyane during his first week on the class. And I'm happy to say that somehow they got response from him. They told me that it is a good sign when you hear kids responded on you when you're talking with them. It's a sign that they were listening to what you are saying.

Toddlers entering preschools had difficult in separation anxiety from parents especially with their mothers explained to me by the teachers. It's really hard for their part to get the trust of these young kids but when they did it is very fulfilling experience. Now, I feel somehow fulfilled to see my son is enjoying already his summer class. I can see that when the summer class id done he is already adjusted to his classroom environment.

Here are some pics I took during their class:

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