Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pre-School Summer Class

Even before I was already planning to enroll Dwyane to a summer class for the preparation for his preschool. I wanted him to first experience the summer preschool class before entering the real one. As a parent, of course I have this kind of hesitations whether he will be interested enough to go to school or he might just withdraw in the middle of the school year. I have to see ahead this kind of situations.

Two weeks ago I already look for preschool that offers a summer class. St. Vince Wizard Learning School offer a 1 month of summer class on nursery to preparatory. It only cost P2,200($50) for one month. The class will start on April 14, Monday. His schedule is 10am-12nn.

I know this will help Dwyane to be more familiar what will be it looks like if he will start schooling. This summer class can also determine if he is ready to go to school.

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