Saturday, February 16, 2008

Movie: The Mist

So, we had a post-Valentines celebration at Robinsons Ermita. We just plan to watch a movie and eat dinner. We don't go to fancy restaurant but instead we ate at Kamay-Kainan in the food court. We really had a great choice of food like sinigang na baboy, pinapaitan & binagoongan. The pinapaitan is so SARAP!!! I've never taste a great pinapaitan since...don't know. My lola used to cooked that every new year but not now.

Then we proceed to the movie house. At first we're confuse what movie to watch. We are choosing between the two: Jumper or The Mist. We decided to watch The Mist, it's almost 7:30 and the movie already started so we decided to have the last full show which will start by 9:50.

Movie Review: I did see the trailer before and it was just fine. I said maybe it is just like other horror-alien invaded movie that I've seen before. But it is really different and the situation is so complicated. It is a matter of life & death, faith & patience. While watching, I am imagining If I am in that situation, will I be one of the rest who took a chance to go out and ask for help or will I just stay and wait till the rescue comes. I really want to tell you the whole story but it is better for you to watch. See if who you are in the movie. You will learn lots of lessons in life. And by the time you finished watching you will have one word to say: Lord, please don't let this happen to us!This movie by Stephen Kings was just a fiction but it might come in reality. So scared!

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patrick said...

the Mist is a thinker for sure, pretty good all around, except a lot of the character conflict was really predictable...

is it me, or did those insect-like aliens have human teeth?