Thursday, January 24, 2008

For Mommy-To-Be...

I know how exciting it was to be first time mom. I read all pregnancy books that will help to understand what I've been experiencing and will experience in the few months. Thank God I didn't have much pregnancy infancipation. I didn't experience vomiting, severe headaches and worst loss of consciousness. But what I've most wanted during my pregnancy period was "shopping" maternity dresses and baby clothes of course. As a first time mom I want to pick the best for me and my baby. Actually there are a lots of beautiful maternity and baby clothes in the mall, sometimes don't know how will I choose from them. I want to buy all of them. I was inspired to look again on maternity dresses because my officemate and friend is on their way to be a mom soon. So I browsed the net and found these very beautiful maternity dresses and I want it to share with you.

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