Saturday, December 15, 2007

Divisoria...Here We Come!

It's Saturday and my husband and I planned to go to Divisoria to buy gifts for Christmas. Here in the Philippines especially in Manila, Divisoria is known to be the place where you can buy things same with the malls but in a very low price. We decided to leave around 10am. We already anticipated that there will be lots of shoppers and of course the traffic. We first went to 168 Mall. Upon entering the entrance, people were everywhere. So I said this is it...

The alley between stores in 168 Mall is too narrow that shoppers were already bumping to each other. And you can't really move freely and shop easily because people are blocking you. You should be really tough to push(but not too hard) those who were in your way. The things were really pretty cheap and you can also get less if you buy it via wholesale price. It's almost 12nn and we feel our stomach is already complaining to we headed to the food court. Oh My Gosh! There is no vacant we just buy shawarma and C2 Iced Tea just to pass up our hunger. Then we decided to transfer on the Cluster Building, the streets going there were too flooded by crowds but we made it.

We had a really great time buying this and buying that for our love ones, that we almost forgot to take our lunch. We ate our lunch at 4pm, imagine that...4pm Lunch!!! I felt floating in the air because of hunger and tiredness. Then after eating, I said to Dwight "maybe it's time to go home, if yo still have things to buy maybe some other time because I can't already moved my feet". We've been walking from 10am to 4pm...woooh!

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