Monday, October 29, 2007

Trick or Treat at SM San Lazaro

The Trick or Treat on SM Malls fall on Oct. 31, too bad that I still have work for that day so I can't come to join my son for his trick or treat. Thank God my husband Dwight is off on that day so he and Dwyane will do the tricking stuff.

I didn't buy Dwyane a costume, because all costumes in the department stores are almost the same and for sure a lot of kids will have the same costume on that day. I want my son to unique a nd apart from the rest. So, what I did was, I made his costume. I searched the web for Halloween costumes, then from their I came up with the idea of the Jedi Knight.

Since we run a textile store in Central Market, the materials are not a problem. Then I just ask our neighbor Tita Mary, to sew the costume. I just made her copy the style of the bathrobe of Dwyane, and that's it. Prior to that I just bought him a Jedi Light Saber sword on the mall for only P129.00 to complete his costume. I will just wait 'til tomorrow to see the finish product.

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