Friday, October 26, 2007

I forgot my Tita Ann's birthday...OMG!

I received a call yesterday afternoon from my Tita Ann, asking if my son, Dwyane can come to their place. Then, I ask why...what's the occasion? I really had no idea what is the occasion, then she said it was her birthday. I can feel my face turn into red as I was talking to her over the phone, so ashamed that I didn't remember her birthday. I just pretend I intentionally forgot it.

Well, it happens sometimes, especially when your mind is preoccupied with so many things. I phoned at home telling my yaya to prepare Dwyane, because any minute they will going to fetch by my Tito Eric. Since I'm still in the office and my work will be done by 6pm I'll just go straight to their place in Sampaloc.

When I arrived there around 7:30 pm they almost done eating and my Tito Rodel from Canada is in the web cam talking to my lola. I just sat and eat "inihaw na liempo"'s so delicious. After, I take an ice cream desert then followed by chocolate terrific.

Mocha Mousse Cake

My favorite thing to do when I am in my Tita's house is singing in the "videoke". They have a lot of songs to choose from and it is updated. So I start singing while my son is happily roaming around the house. Time flies so fast and I didn't realize that it is almost 9:30. My throat is already aching because of singing endlessly.

We just bid goodbye and go home happy and tired...

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