Thursday, October 11, 2007

Woman, what an inspiration!!!

As I watched this video, I was thinking how fortunate I am to have a complete body parts. But can't stop admiring this lady for her strong determination and very positive outlook in life. Though I know I'm much capable doing all those jobs than her still I envy her because she is doing it better than I could. The way she take care of her baby, changing diapers, feeding, doing households chores...WOW! She goes to the, I don't. She, I don't. She goes to grocery, I don't...I need my husband to help me carry bags of groceries.

This woman is really an inspirational person for those people who are still complaining of everything in spite of what they have. There are a lots of people that couldn't live without their cellphones, ipods, laptops and name all the worldly things around us. How about this person? Can you imagine having your cellphones, your ipods and laptops but losing one part of your body? Will you still say life is good if you loose one part of your body? Think of that!

Be thankful everyday of your life. Waking up everyday is one of the greatest things you should be thankful for. Eating 3x a day or more is one of the greatest things we should be thankful for. Live your life to the fullest and enrich your own gift to be worthy of. Life is simple don't make it complicated!

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